Police Release Body Cam Footage, Immediately Shuts Up Those Opposing The Cops Decision

When an armed carjacker opened fire upon police officers and then rammed the stolen vehicle into a squad car, officers resorted to deadly force. They felt like all other options had been exhausted and it was time to end the situation before cops wound up murdered. The police shooting occurred on Monday, and because the police feel like they made the best choice they could, they released the body cam footage to the public to get out in front of the media coverage.

Police arrived after a 911 call and found the armed suspect stealing a Seattle resident’s Volkswagon Jetta at gunpoint.

Everything began at 4:20 am. Officers arrived in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood and found saw the man suspect digging through the backseat of the stolen car. When asked, he refused to show cops his hands. Then he jumped out of the car and fled on foot, despite orders for him to stop.

Police made the chase. And that’s when the suspect fired back. Two bullets are heard in the body cam footage before the police return fire. No one was injured in that firefight, and the suspect got away.

However, police responded quickly. They set up a perimeter and sent in K9 units.

Desperate, the armed criminal broke into a home and held the residents at gunpoint while he stole their Jetta. He did not injure them.

Fleeing from police, he races the Jetta through the residential Seattle streets. But he can’t get through the police blockage, so he slams his car into a cruiser.

Armed officers approach the vehicle. But the doors are locked.

“Shut the vehicle off! You can’t go nowhere!” an officer yells. “Shut it off! Shut it off now!”

Another shouts, “He’s trying to back it up.”

The suspect starts searching for his gun in the backseat.

“He’s reaching. He’s reaching. Don’t do it!” one officer yells. “Stop reaching. Don’t do it!”

Then an officer shoots and kills him.

Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. And like any police shooting, the officers involved in the shooting were placed on pain administrative leave while the detectives with the Seattle Police Force Investigation Team investigate.

The suspect was killed at 5:15 am.

He had a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm in the back of the stolen car. As of this writing, the suspect has not been identified by the King County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Locals are stunned that this happened in Seattle.

“Every place has nasty spots, but Seattle is beautiful… and smog-free, too,” a reader wrote on Mail Online.

Another shared, “Instead of shocking, how about INEVITABLE. If you shoot at us, we tend to shoot back. Nothing shocking about it.”

“SPD is lucky they didn’t have an officer shot, as that guy was reaching around that backseat for at least 5 seconds while they screamed at him to STOP REACHING. They more than gave him an opportunity to surrender.”

The police had another defender in this instance: “The cops reasonably tried to avoid shooting him but he wouldn’t follow directions and stop his car and then begins to reach for his weapon. A man with a death wish.”

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