Cops Arrest Them For Abusing Their Son. Then They Learn What They Did To The Dogs

A California couple thought the law would overlook their criminal lifestyle. But justice swiftly caught up with them. And now 35-year-old Roy Ling and 32-year-old Sara Wilson have been charged with sexually abusing their 5-year-old son. But cops also have evidence that paints their crimes as sicker than one would suspect. They think they’ve also been sexually assaulting their dogs.

Last Thursday, the California police finally had enough evidence to arrest Ling and Wilson. The arrest came almost five years after they first began investigating the nature of their relationship with their now five-year-old son, whom they were sexually abusing the whole time.

The boy first told the police that his biological parents were abusing him back in August 2013. The state removed him from his abusive parents’ home and put him into protective custody. That’s when they launched the investigation into Ling and Wilson.

Because the law was on their tail, Ling and Wilson left normal society and became “transients in the high desert” where law enforcement would have a hard time tracking them down. For years the police were hunting down these abusers, but only on Thursday were they able to find them and put them behind bars.

From August 2013 to March 2014, police were actively looking for the suspects. But their desert lifestyle managed to best the police, and they escaped capture for years as they tried to run out the statute of limitations on their crimes against their biological son.

But in December 2017 they were found. They were camping along the Victorville riverbed when police discovered them.

Although police had finally tracked down these child abusers, they were unable to arrest them. They needed a fresh warrant in the system if they were going to take them in and book them for the horrors they inflicted on their little boy.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Hope Team tasked law enforcement to come up with an arrest warrant to book these parents and secure justice for their tiny child.

Arrest warrants went out on Valentine’s Day. At the time of their arrest, police were stunned. They found them camping near Cottonwood and E streets. Not only had they abused their little boy, but they were also abusing their dogs. Police found evidence of this at the scene of their arrest.

“Ling and Wilson may have committed sexual acts on their dogs,” the Sheriff’s Department said.

When they were arrested, they were charged with lewd and lascivious acts with a child. Charges of sexual abuse to an animal are still pending. Their bail had been set at $200,000 each, which for desert transients will be challenging to come by.

They are booked at the High Desert Detention Center. And they are expected back in court within days.

Ling has been in and out of court for misdemeanor and drug charges for years.

According to California penal code, if the parents are found guilty, they will face the consequences of the “felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for three, six, or eight years.”

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