Criminal Laughed As He Started To Run, Then The Cop Releases His K9 (video)

Nowadays, police officers are equipped with the latest in technology, including body cameras, which manage to capture every moment that they are faced with during their shift.

In an intense video, a police officer, Deputy Nick Carmack, and his K-9, Shep, can be seen taking down two criminals.

It starts out with Carmack and Shep getting out of the police car when they pull up behind the two suspects after they crashed into a pole in the Ford Explorer that they just stole. When one of the suspects attempts to run, the officer releases Shep on him and shouts “Get him Shep,” repeatedly. Meanwhile, the officer is detaining the driver of the vehicle, Jacob Montgomery. When Carmack can no longer see Shep, he forces Montgomery to start running with him while cuffed, so they can catch up to Shep and the passenger.

When Carmack and the confined suspect catch up to the escaped passenger, Shep is found clenching the suspect’s arm at the end of the dirt road.

It’s evident that Carmack has a solid relationship with Shep, as he starts yelling, “Get off my dog now.”

When the suspect finally gets down on the ground, Carmack gives Shep the release command and takes over detaining the passenger.

“He probably was worried,” said Sheriff Chris Nocco. “That’s his dog, that’s his partner. Nick is an unbelievable deputy, like all of our deputies. It shows the passion for the deputy, for the K9.”

It’s obvious that Carmack and Shep have a great relationship and they are on point with their communication. There really has to be a special bond between dog and officer, when it comes to this type of partnership, and it’s quite amazing what dogs can do in law enforcement. If Shep hadn’t been at the scene, there is a good chance that the passenger would’ve gotten away since Carmack was busy detaining Montgomery, the driver of the stolen vehicle.

A K-9, also known as a “police dog,” is specifically trained to assist police and other law enforcement personnel. They have a wide variety of duties including finding crime scene evidence, locating missing people, searching for drugs and explosives and protecting their handlers. They are trained with verbal cues and hand gestures and they follow commands thoroughly, typically going above and beyond for their handlers. Police dogs are typically German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois breeds.

Because K-9’s are so highly protected, if someone purposely kills or injures one, it is considered a criminal offense in most countries and for good reason, considering these dogs are known to save the lives of their partners and of victims. There have been several K-9’s who have been labeled as “hero dogs,” thanks to their courageous acts.

One particular K-9 in Mississippi was praised for saving his partner’s life when he ripped into the men who were responsible for ambushing his partner and dragging him into the woods. The K-9, who was a Belgian Malinois, chased down the assailants after they used a box cutter to harm the Sheriff Deputy Todd Frazier and threatened to slit his throat.


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